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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gentleness and More Rejoicing

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." Proverbs 15:1

There are times that I'm not always the nicest person to be with because I don't always react well. Sure, if I'm presented with a challenge, I usually roll up my sleeves and try to work through it, but that's not the reaction I'm talking about. I'm sure that there are people who will read this who know that I do not always react well if I'm told something that rebukes me, or disagrees with me or contradicts me. When that happens, my first reaction is usually one of anger and my first inclination to to strike back. It took me years to realize that, and realize that reaction is wrong.

I haven't conquered this yet, my first reaction usually is still one of anger, but I've managed to temper that a bit. Now, instead of lashing out, more often than not, I just shut up. I've realized that since I don't react well, I shouldn't react at all. So, I'll shut my mouth, try to leave as soon as possible and go process what just happened. That's not the best reaction because sometimes I process a bit to long, but I still think it's better than what I used to do.

Now I'm going to change subjects...I realize I should have put some pictures up yesterday as I now have some pictures on my new foot and me standing on it. Be warned, these pictures were taken on a Saturday morning/afternoon so I'm not all put together, but I wanted to share them anyway...

This is my foot all by itself. I found out at almost the last second that I could customize the color and a design of the socket, so I picked green for the color. I asked them to put a cross on it because I always want to remember the decision I made months ago...that whatever happens, God will be glorified. That cross is actually laminated into the socket, it's a part of my foot.

Here's me standing in the dining room, something I haven't done in a few months, stand without holding onto something. And you can see the dog in the background.

Lastly, this is me in a room I haven't been into in months, the kitchen.

Thanks for reading today.

God bless!

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